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Legal Notice

ElThese terms and conditions govern your use of our website; by accessing and using this website, you accept the general terms and conditions herewith stated. Users will also accept possible changes made to these terms, and will consult them regularly for updating purposes.
This website consists of the texts, charts, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and software included in it, being subject or not to intellectual property laws.

FIRST.- Web holder

CORPORACION EMPRESARIAL BARCELONESA, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as COEMBA) with Fiscal Identification Code/Fiscal Identification Number B-58778721, registered office at Corcega street 381-387, Código Postal 08037 from BARCELONA, recorded in Registro Civil Mercantil de la Rioja (Commercial Civil Registry) in Volume 832, Folio 210, Sheet LO-17782. COEMBA can be contacted at tel:+34 93 457 30 00 or through the e-mail address:

SECOND.- Purpose of the web

COEMBA makes available to the public (hereinafter the USER) accessing the domain, (hereinafter the WEBSITE), information and data (hereinafter CONTENTS), through an informative website. The WEBSITE's CONTENTS are created and provided by COEMBA, S.L.

THIRD.- Access to the website

Access and use of the website is free, requiring no previous authorization, subscription or registry.
Access and use of the WEBSITE by the USER does not imply any obligation on COEMBA’s part regarding the quality or speed of the access, COEMBA will be entitled to suspend the access to the WEBSITE or modify its conditions without previous notice, not being liable for the consequences or damages resulting from possible changes made to the WEBSITE.

The hardware and software needed to access the WEBSITE shall be acquired by the USER. COEMBA will not be liable for their performance or results, nor for the rights and licenses required to use them. Nor will COEMBA be responsible for any defect, malfunction, spoilage, data or software loss that could happen in the User’s systems or equipment, as direct or indirect consequence of the access or access attempt to the WEBSITE. The service provided by COEMBA through its WEBSITE is not limited by time, without prejudice to be suspended or cancelled with no previous notice.

FOURTH.- Website contents

The language used by COEMBA on the WEBSITE will be Spanish, without prejudice to use other national, autonomic or foreign languages. COEMBA disclaims any liability for any failure on the part of the USER to understand or comprehend the language used on the WEBSITE, as well as for any consequence arising from this. The WEBSITE contents are intended to provide information about the services created by COEMBA, serving as a guideline and having a non binding character.
COEMBA may modify or delete the contents within the WEBSITE and change the way to access to it, freely, without providing any explanation and not being responsible for any consequences this may have on the users.All the intellectual and industrial rights of the WEBSITE, as well as the contents it comprises, are property of COEMBA. Any use of the WEBSITE and its contents shall have a strictly personal character. It is exclusively reserved to COEMBA, any other type of use, involving copy, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication or any other similar use of the web page, its contents or part of it; therefore no USER whatsoever is authorized to perform any of these actions without previous written consent by COEMBA.
It is forbidden to use the WEBSITE to provide, hire or release advertising or information from COEMBA or from third parties, without written authorization by COEMBA. It is banned as well to refer information or advertising through the services or information made available to the users, whether this is free or not. Links or hyper links to this WEBSITE contained in third party websites shall have the purpose of opening the entire web page, and must not show false, confusing or inaccurate indications nor incur in illegal or unfair actions against COEMBA.
COEMBA shall not be responsible for the reliability and speed of hyper links included in the WEBSITE with the purpose of opening other web pages. COEMBA does not guarantee the utility of these links, nor will be responsible for the contents or services accessible to the USER through such links, nor for the good performance of other web pages.

FIFTH.- Website users

Users accessing COEMBA WEBSITE will use it in compliance with the law, and they are required at all times to access to it respecting the established procedure, without illegal ends or purposes that might be detrimental to third parties rights and liberties or that might damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the WEBSITE, to the prejudice to COEMBA or third party user.
The users will not use the WEBSITE's contents in violation of the law (especially the Law for intellectual and industrial property), or contrary to good conducts and public policy, nor will they copy, distribute, release, transform, modify or manipulate any of these contents.
COEMBA’s WEBSITE does not incorporate any product or service requiring the users to introduce any kind of content or information, such as news, chat, forums or the like. However, COEMBA does include in its website an e-mail service available to the users for contact purposes, they shall therefore be bound to use such a service according to the law, morals, good conduct and public policy.

Access to the WEBSITE's contents will be the only responsibility of the USER, having no direct, indirect or consequential effect on COEMBA, being of physical, logic, moral or personal character. Users making inappropriate utilization of the WEBSITE, may be held accountable by COEMBA for damages to third parties and for viruses and software programs that might be introduced in the website and deteriorate its contents and correct operation, or other users' systems, programs or equipment.
COEMBA may issue proceedings against users regarding any claim, compensation fee or administrative sanction that COEMBA might face, being direct or indirect responsibility of a User’s inappropriate use of the WEBSITE's contents or service. All users aware of any action that could be deteriorating or might deteriorate the correct operation of COEMBA’s WEBSITE, as well as modify or change its contents, should inform COEMBA immediately.


Except for the information provided through the e-mail service, no personal data is requested from the users visiting the WEBSITE.
The data provided through e-mails may be treated by COEMBA, being responsible for the data, with the purpose of responding to requests made by the users. Once requests are responded, COEMBA may deem appropriate to store e-mail addresses for future commercial relationship.

Submission of postal mail, e-mails and other communications to COEMBA, implies the expressed consent by the user to storing and further treatment of his personal data. For the purposes of maintaining a future commercial relationship, this information may be facilitated to the following enterprises within the group: REPRESENTACIONES IMCO, S.A., MAQUINARIA DEL RHIN S.A., RADAR PROCESS, S.L. and INMOBILIARIA LUGANO, S.L. The USER is bound to update his personal data and inform on any changes made, being responsible for the veracity of the information provided to COEMBA.

The USER may exercise his rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation in accordance with the provisions in the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th and other regulations applicable to it, by submitting, to the address below, a request letter signed by the data holder and accompanied by a copy of his/her ID: GRUPO COEMBA, a la Att. Del Responsable de Seguridad, Corcega street 381-387, 08037 BARCELONA.



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